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GasFlowed Inlet manifolds

We can Port match and gasflow inlet manifolds which involves machining/matching the ports/runners to improve Flow into the engine which improves throttle response, removes flat spots and increases bhp.

All inlet manifolds have different casting flaws / restrictions as standard. This because of the process on how they made in the factory, Because of this i can not give you an exact 'figure' on the gains of every manifold but the Renault Clio sport 172/182 have a very poor matching of the ports as standard (see pics below) and people have been recording increases of 5+ bhp and much smoother throttle response just from fitting a gasflowed inlet manifold.

The clio 197 / 200 manifolds have even more material that needs to be removed as the ports are just as mismatched. 

The following work will be carried out (where accessible)

  • Manifolds flly stripped, de-greased and cleaned.
  • Ports machined to improve flow.
  • Standard casting seams and marks removed internally (as far as possible)
  • Throttle body / carb joins will also be enlarged and machined to match (if using larger throttle body or carb)
  • Manifold will be fully shot-blasted and painted in any colour as you like.
  • Polishing is also available if needed

Most Popular inlet manifolds.

We can port-match any make or model inlet manifold but here is a few of the most popular ones were doing at the moment:

Renault Clio Sport 172/182

Renault Clio Sport 197/200

Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo

Fully gasflowed inlet manifolds (cut open and re-welded)

If your after the very best flowing of the standard inlet manifolds then we can also do a full gasflow which involves carefully cutting open the plenum chamber which enables us to knife edge and enlarge all of the port runners,remove any rough castings marks and smooth out the entire internals.

The plenum chambers are then Tig welded back together and pressure tested to ensure there air tight ready to be shotblasted and painted.

Hear are a few photos of previous fully gasflowed plenum chamber jobs.

Mitsubishi Evo

On the standard Mitsubishi Evo plenum chamber you can see at the top of the port runners they are flat and square which will disrupt the air flow. By knife edging the tops and blending them back into the runner will speed up the air flow. The inlet is then gasket matched and the internals fully smoothed. A new throttle body plate can also be made up if required if you would be running a larger throttle body. The plenum is then Tig welded back together, pressure tested (make sure its fully air tight),shotblasted and painted.

Prices start from £300.00

Vauxhall 2.5 v6 inlet manifold and plenum chamber.

This inlet comes in 3 pieces which are all machined and port matched.

The lower plastic divider is port matched to the cylinder head and lower inlet manifold.

The lower inlet manifold is port matched and fully gasflowed.

The upper inlet (plenum chamber) is very restricted as standard and the casting is terrible. By carefully cutting open the back of the plenum chamber we can then knife edge all the port runners and enlarge them through out the entire length.

Any other lumps and poor casting marks will also be removed and then all the internals will be smoothed to further speed up the flow rate.

The manifold is then Tig welded back together, pressure tested, shot-blasted and painted.