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Gasflowed or enlarged (rebored) Throttle bodies

We can gasflow or enlarge your throttle body to allow more air to flow faster into your engine. Having your throttle body Gasflowed can help with:-

Prices start from £55.00Improve throttle response

Increase engine horsepower

Improve engine torque and vehicle acceleration

Remove engine hesitation & flat spots

Your throttle body will have the following work carried out (where possible)

Internals re-profiled for more effective gasflow

All internal casting & pitting marks removed and smoothed out

Highly polished internals and butterfly for faster gasflow

Inlet lip 'bell-mouthed' to allow faster air flow

Obstructive inlet bore step smoothed out for more effective gasflow

Cleaned, lubricated and re-assembled.

Throttle bodys can also be painted if requested.

Throttle body rebore service. 

Throttle body is rebored to required size and a new butterfly is made up from aluminium or brass plate via a cnc milling machine to ensure a perfect fit.

prices start from £70