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Prices and Services 

Cylinder heads:

Reface (skim) £45 

Pressure test from £50

repair spark plug thread (heli-coil) £5 per thread

re-cut valve seats £2.50 per seat

re-cut valve seats (3 angles) for improved performance £5 per seat

Re-cut valve with standard angle £2.50 per valve

Re-cut valve seats with 3 angles £5 per valve

Chemically clean. from £10

Shot blasted From £25

Custom paint finish using vht paints (Which includes a chemical clean) from £25

Full refurbishment :

Cylinder head fully stripped and chemically cleaned. (shot blasted if needed)

Ports and combustion chambers fully de-coked.

valves and valve seats removed, cleaned, re-cut and hand lapped back in.

All bolt hole threads checked,

pressure tested and Skimmed

Fully resembled using new valve stem seals and sent back to your door

Gasflowed Cylinder Heads:

All inlet and exhaust ports are machined to improve the flow and increas bhp

Stage 2

Cylinder head fully stripped and chemically cleaned.

valves removed re-cut, polished and hand lapped into seats.

moderate matching and flowing to the inlet and exhaust ports. valve throats opened up and blended in to ports.

Valve guides checked, reprofiled and replaced if needed.

All bolt hole threads checked,

pressure tested and Skimmed

Fully reasembled using new valve stem seals

Stage 3

-Top specification cylinder head -


valve Citroen saxo vtr head 

Cylinder head fully stripped, decoked, chemical cleaned and then glass bead blasted to give it a fresh new look.

Skimmed and Pressure tested

Very extensive matching and flowing of the inlet and exhaust ports, valve throat reshaping and fully gasflowed.

Valve guides checked, replaced if needed and reprofiled to improve flow

Valves are highly polished to stop carbon build up

All valves are re cut with multi-angles and hand lapped in to seats.

Combustion chambers de-burred and polished to stop carbon build up and cause hot spots. ( can also be modified and re-balanced to lower compression)

Exhaust ports hand polished to improve flow and stop carbon build up.

Inlet ports have a slightly rougher finish to make sure the fuel and air mixes properly

Fully resembled using new valve stem seals

Cylinder heads can be painted using different color VHT paint

Head Prices

stage 2 gasflow work average £100 per cylinder

stage 3 gasflow work average £150 per cylinder 


Stage 2

Stage 3

 8 Valve




16 Valve




20 Valve




24 Valve




PLEASE NOTE:- The prices above are a average so for a more accurate quote please email with the type of head ( For Example; 2.5L 24 valve V6 heads with a stage 3 rework and gloss black finish) 

Labour is set at £25 per hour for general repairs

Gas flowed inlet manifolds:

This involves completely stripping and cleaning the manifold and Gas flowing all the runners (as far up as possible).

we can give you a complete custom paint finish on your manifold, polish it or just shot blast it to give it a fresh look.

Prices from £30

 We can also cut open your inlet to fully gasflow the entire manifold and tig weld it back together

Gas flowed Throttle bodies or carbs:

completely stripped and cleaned,

remove any restrictions like steps and sharp edges. Deburr and smooth compleatly,

polish to a mirror finish to help speed up airflow.

polish the butterfly

fully reassemble and re-greased spindle.

we can knife edge the butterfly for even better flow but this is for track use only due to it raises the idle slightly.

we can give you a complete custom paint finish on your throttle body or carb , polish it or just shot blast it to give it a fresh look.

Prices from £55.00

We also offer a throttle body rebore service which includes making a new butterfly to fit the larger bore.

prices from £65

We also gas flow inlet plenum's (top hats) turbo cross over pipes, turbo elbows and airflow meters.

Metal polishing

we can polish up many engine parts to a mirror finish. Most common are inlet manifolds, rocker covers and brackets. Please get in contact for more info.

 Brake caliper refurbishment.

from £35 each

Shotblasting back to bare metal,

Seals, dust covers and pistons replaced if needed,

Painted in vht brake caliper paints,

New bleed nipple and brake pipe replacement 

Engine work

we can carry out the following work

Engine fully stripped and cleaned,

Block shot blasted and repainted,

Crank checked ( reground or polished if necessary)

Pistons checked ( crowns can be polished to stop carbon build up)

Piston ring replacement

Forge piston and rod fitting

Standard or over-size piston fitting

Block honing or re boring

Replace all seals and gaskets

Replace all bearings (mains and big ends)

Replace water pumps, oil pumps, cam belts etc.

Fully re-torqued and resembled